Machete’s one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are crafted to feature natural gemstones and minerals hand-collected and/or sourced from the United States. Most stones are personally found and cut by designer Anna Evans. By sourcing stones domestically and cutting in house  Machete is able to ensure 100% conflict free and ethically produced stones with a minimal carbon footprint. Every piece is made by Anna in an old TRAILER turned art studio in EASTERN UTAH.
Anna was born and raised in western Colorado, DID A LONG STINT in Portland, AND IS CURRENTLY HELPING her BOYFRIEND BUILD A HOMESTEAD ON A DEFUNCT PUTT-PUTT GOLF COURSE IN GREEN RIVER, UT.  She is a nature enthusiast, rockhound, amateur geologist, happy camper, textile designer, lapidary, and metalsmith.
Collections are created occasionally and one-of-a-kind pieces are updated regularly.  Please view @machetepocketknife on Instagram for news, updates, and current projects.
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