Machete’s one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are crafted to feature natural gemstones and minerals hand-collected and/or sourced from the United States. Many stones are personally found and cut by designer Anna Evans. By sourcing stones domestically and cutting in house, or by other local lapidaries, Machete is able to ensure 100% conflict free and ethically produced stones with a minimal carbon footprint. Every piece is made by Anna in an old barn turned art studio in SE Portland.
Anna was born and raised in western Colorado and has been living in Portland, OR for 15 years. She is a nature enthusiast, rockhound, amateur geologist, happy camper, textile designer, lapidary, and metalsmith.


Collections are created bi-annually and one-of-a-kind pieces are updated regularly.  Please view @machetepocketknife on Instagram for news, updates, and current pieces.